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What Railroad Construction & Repair Services Do We Offer?
Patterson-Stevens, Inc. offers several types of railroad construction services throughout Buffalo, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Virginia. Below you can find a list of our most common job types related to railroad construction and railroad maintenance. You can also view a list of some typical projects we have built by clicking here.


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Railroad Design and Railroad Track Construction

  • Railroad Track Design and Layout
  • Jointed Railroad Track Construction
  • Welded Railroad Track Construction
  • Switches
  • Crossing - Timber, Rubber or Concrete
  • Track on Slabs
  • Loading and Unloading Facilities

Existing Facilities and Railroad Track Maintenance

  • Joint Tightening
  • Tie Changing
  • Tamping
  • Regulating
  • Repair of Concrete Abutments
  • Timber Trestle Maintenance
  • Vegetation Control
  • Switch Rebuilding and Renewal
  • Drainage and Site Work

Emergency Service

  • Railroad Track Repair
  • Misc Emergency Railroad Maintenance