Patterson Stevens Inc.
Projects Patterson Stevens: Concrete Restoration Contractor, Swimming Pool Contractor, Railroad Contractor

Below is a list of some typical project we have built.

Project Keystone Commons Center yard side track construction
This project involved the removal of existing track and construction of 1060 feet of track, two switches, and restoration of the pavement through a tightly congested yard with heavy traffic and the construction of an additional 800 feet of track at the East end of the facility.

Dynamic Test Facility Track at P.A.R.C. for Bombardier

This project involved this construction of 3500 feet of continues welded test track with a third rail, five switches, and 200 feet of embedded track for the Bombardier Corporations new Test Facility in Plattsburgh, NY.

Redecking a Railroad trestle over the Cattaraugus Creek
This project involved redecking a 236\' trestle which crossed a creed bed that was over 100 deep.
It involved limited access for materials and time frame that the trestle could be shut down.