Patterson Stevens Inc.
Who Are We? Patterson Stevens: Concrete Restoration Contractor, Swimming Pool Contractor, Railroad Contractor

Our family of companies offers a variety of specialized services  The three main areas of expertise are Concrete restoration and protection, Railroad construction and Municipal pool construction.

Concrete Construction - licensees of Master Builders, Neogard, Watson Bowman,  the work we perform includes hand patching, gunite, overlays, gypsum and cementious underlayment, epoxy and urethane foam injection, membrane waterproofing, epoxy coatings, cementious and bentonite grouting.

Railroad Construction - Members of the National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association - New track construction, Design & Layout, Jointed track construction, Welded track construction, Switches, Crossings (timber, rubber or concrete), Track on slabs, Loading & Unloading facilities, Joint tightening, Tie changing, Tamping, Regulating, Repair of concrete abutments, Timber trestle maintenance, Vegetation control, Switch rebuilding & renewal, Drainage & site work, Emergency track construction service, & Track repairs.

Pool construction - Aquatech licensed builder.  New  Pool Construction, Renovation of existing pools, Gunite - Shotcrete, Cast-in-place concrete, Stainless Steel elevated pools, P.V.C. membrane systems, Bulkheads, filtration systems, chemical treatment systems, competition and deck equipment, spray/play water park construction.